teaser [FR]

2011-05-24 12:17:31 by Letal

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teasing like a mother fucker.

teaser [FR]


2011-03-31 05:02:56 by Letal

Third Frontpage for my cheap Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle kicking Hitler's ass.
If quick sketches please the viewers, any suggestion of what I should draw next?

Not sure I will listen to you though... Cause I'm a bastard!

Frontpaged 2

2011-03-24 08:19:45 by Letal

New frontpage for the "Children Combat" illustration.
Thanks everyone.

Frontpaged 2


2009-12-12 05:47:27 by Letal

My first Frontpage ever, for the Earth Eater Rabbit. So thanks to everyone that vote and comment, caus' like always, critics are as important as congratulations. I got to keep up working!
(and improve my crappy english... sob...)